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Minimal and industrial design storage furniture

In this section we present the collection of container furniture signed by Situér Milano. Fine furniture with essential and minimal lines, designed thanks to the collaboration with important internationally renowned designers. From industrial materials and craftsmanship of metal and steel, our products are designed to ensure maximum eco-sustainability. A special curvature that characterizes the innovative aspect of our collections. Let our experts advise you for personalized and dedicated advice on your new stylish furniture.

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With essential lines and colors for every taste, Situér Milano'sstorage units are the result of the synergy of internationally renowned designers and expert craftsmen in metalworking. Industrial materials are thus transformed into shelves, displays, racks, bookcases and consoles that make the difference in furnishing shops, showrooms, offices, professional studios and many other contexts.

Minimal elegance and functionality with the design storage units by Situér Milano

Shelves and clothes racks are among the most versatile pieces of furniture in the atelier's proposal. The former are particularly useful for the management of spaces in offices and commercial activities, the latter can be used both as purely functional elements and for the display of products intended for sale.

Clearly, the identification of the ideal model depends on the target context. For setting up a shop with a pop taste, there is nothing better than metal shelves in bright colors such as yellow, powder pink and green. But in the more sober shades, such as black and white, the situér milano's metal shelving adapts to most styles of furniture.

This versatility , which concerns the entire range of container furniture, allows the insertion of the furniture even in spaces where there are already furniture and accessories. Ideal for those who want to renovate the premises, without however getting rid of all the furniture present.

The essential lines are another strong point of the proposal. Not only because they give the rooms a minimal elegance, but also because they are synonymous with a small footprint . A great advantage when the premises have small sizes or, simply, in contexts that require space optimization.

Eco-sustainability in minimal furnishings: seamless metal furniture and accessories

Many storage units, furnishings and accessories presented by Situér Milano are made with industrial waste materials, which are re-evaluated and transformed into design elements. A choice that shows great attention to eco-sustainability.

And it is precisely with this in mind that the atelier has developed a completely eco-friendly production method, from which completely recyclable furnishings derive. The keystone of the manufacturing process is represented by the iconic "C" fold, the stylistic signature of Situér Milano.

Thanks to the curvature, welding is completely eliminated . The atelier's artisans are therefore not exposed to fumes harmful to health and no polluting waste is created. Production therefore takes place with the utmost respect for the environment and following an ethical approach.

In addition to being an innovative connection element, therefore, the characteristic "C" folding is an indication of an out-of-the-box vision, in which furniture is combined with functionality and eco-sustainability.

How to take advantage of all the advantages of Situér Milano's minimal and industrial storage units? Just scroll through the sections of the shop to discover all the collections, including Pop Corn [er] andBOUTIQUE, and add the selected products to the cart. The purchase takes place with secure payments and rental solution, are also available with set-up and dismantling services..