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SEPARÉ with real brass structure and panels in lexan fumé

separé di design in ottone

€1,450.00 €1,188.52

Our design separè with brass structure and lexan fumé panels.
We tried to twist a bit a classic piece, reinterpreted it with a real brass structure characterized by our iconic C folding matched it with a light material such as lexan fumé to create a private room in an open space.

dimensions (LxPxH) cm: 60x5x180h
weight: 30kg
disegned by: Federica Paoli 
composition: real brass structure entirely hand-crafted
100% eco-friendly and panels in lexan fumé
to be assembled

30 gg. lavorativi

5-7 gg. lavorativi

La nostra piegatura,
il nostro marchio.

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