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Compagnia Italiana in occasion of their event for the launch of the new one "the friendly sweater collection" has chosen to set up the location with our iconic "Pliè" Stender in real Brass! A precious collection, a symbol of their know-how and made in Italy products and totally sustainable!
Careful to sustainability, we are happy that they have opted for an equally eco-friendly design stand! In fact, in our production process we have totally eliminated the welding and all the pollution that derives from it and, we can guarantee a 100% recyclable and made in Italy product!
Sustainable Fashion x Sustainable Design! - Photos from the #compagniaitaliana event with the creative director Francesca Strappini, the communication director Francesca Sette and the CEO of the brand Marco Ferrone presented the precious garments of the collection to guests and the press including: Maria Vittoria Paolillo, Eva Geraldine, Simone Marchetti, Valentina Ricciardelli.




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