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situer milano lavorazione

Our strength is the verticality on the raw material we use: the steel and the know-how in the processing of this, which we inherit from the company Castellani .it srl the group we are part of, as well as our production center founded in 1960 in Tuscany as a manufacturer of shelving and industrial furniture.

Tutto nasce infatti dalla materia prima. L’Acciaio, in tutte le sue forme, interamente lavorato e connesso, con l’iconica piegatura a “C” diventa il protagonista indiscusso.

Everything comes from the raw material. Steel, in all its forms, entirely worked and connected, with the iconic "C" folding becomes the undisputed protagonist. And precisely with our folding we want to subvert the perception of what is normally identified as a border in an object, a corner modeling it instead in an unexpected plastic and sinuous form like a curvature. In this way we introduce a new connecting element for the structures, which is our stylistic feature, as well as a symbol of the high craftsmanship of Castellani. Through this new element we have managed to ensure a 100% eco-friendly production made up of the raw material dear to us, such as steel and brass, 100% recyclable.